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  • Speech Karaoke Club Night

    The Speech Karaoke Action Group


    The Speech Karaoke project allows the public to reenact and subvert famous speeches.

    Speech Karaoke is similar to traditional karaoke, but instead of songs the karaoke guests perform speeches. The Speech Karaoke System contains a variety of speeches ranging from historical and contemporary political speeches to movie speeches to personal speeches, including local speeches added for this event in Plymouth.

    Within a relaxed atmosphere you can listen to speeches delivered by other karaoke guests or see out how it feels to interpret someones speech. The speechlist contains all kinds of speeches: political manifestos, big films speeches, thought and commentary on world events, historical and personal revelations. During the breaks our own DJ entertains the guests.

    Speech Karaoke is a constantly expanding project by The Speech Karaoke Action Group, a Finnish-German artist group of which Tellervo Kalleinen & Oliver Kochta-Kalleinen are founder members. When the Speech Karaoke-project arrives in a new city, local speeches are added to the Karaoke archive. The project was created in Finland, the promised land of karaoke bars.


    This event is supported by Arts Council England and The Octagon.

  • Speech Karaoke

    Photo by Rod Gonzalez

  • The Octsgon Social Club, Plymouth